Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC)


All Non Domestic buildings on Construction, Sale and Rent require a Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC) and a Recommendation Report (RR).  This information will help owners and occupiers make their building more Energy Efficient and allow potential buyers and tenants to compare the Energy Performance of different buildings.

We can provide certificates for shops, offices and industrial buildings.

In the New Build Sector we ensure that Energy Efficiency and Performance is complied with by monitoring Compliance in meeting recommended U-values for Part L Building Regulations. Finally issuing a Letter of Compliance related to Declared Construction Specifications  and on completion issuing an Energy Performance Certificate for each unit.

We have been involved in several projects to date which include – New Build Flats with Commercial Units on the ground floor, Conversions from Industrial to Residential and a large Hotel Complex that was renovated with upgraded Glazing and new Heating and Ventilation Systems. These projects were all monitored by Hilton & Associates where Letters of Compliance were issued and when we were satisfied that the Specifications had been adhered to, the final Energy Performance Certificates were issued.

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