Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


An EPC is a European Directive and is an important tool in the fight against global warming.  An EPC lasts for ten years and it is a legal requirement when selling your home or any residential property.  As for rental properties, if there is a change of tenancy and an EPC is not already in place, then an EPC is legally required before you take on a new tenant.

The EPC tells you how energy efficient the property is by collecting data, which includes the age of the property and any extensions, construction, insulation and all relevant Heating and Ventilation Appliances. The property will be given a rating on a scale of A-G with the most efficient in band A (like a fridge rating). It will also give Recommendations on ways to Improve The Efficiency, Save Money and Help The Environment.

One of our Energy Assessors will survey your property, this survey being non invasive and usually taking between 1-2 hours. Larger properties may take longer to survey depending on the complexity of the layout of the floors. Each room in the property has to be accurately measured and, in many cases, a Floor Plan drawn.

The procedure entails a comprehensive collection of data, including Boiler Type and Efficiency, Insulation Type around the Hot Water Tank including its depth, whether there is Double Glazing or not and the year of Installation (Building Regs and Fensa Standards changed in 2002 to improved U-Values and Efficiency), whether there is Cavity Wall Insulation, the depth of Loft Insulation either between the Joists or Rafters and finally accurate measurement of the entire dwelling in order to calculate the Heat Loss through the Fabric of the Building.

We also hold extensive Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for our Clients’ peace of mind.

All instructions are accepted from Estate Agents, Lettings Agents, Solicitors and the Public directly.

The final certificate will usually be issued within 24-48 hours after inspection and emailed directly to the client.

Our Assessor will be pleased to explain the procedure and answer any queries.  When the Energy Performance Certificate is issued our Assessor will also gladly explain the resulting Rating and the Recommendations listed for improving the Rating.

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