Residential Pre Purchase Surveys


The RICS Home Buyer Survey replaced the former RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation (HSV) in March 2010.  It is designed to be a concise and compact format report with emphasis on urgent or significant matters/defects and is not intended to go into the same depth as a Building Survey. It rates the condition of all permanent structures included in the property with a traffic light system and is particularly suited to smaller houses, bungalows, flats and maisonettes built after around 1875 or so, provided they are in a reasonable state of repair and of traditional construction such as brick or blockwork etc.

 The Building Survey was formerly known as a Structural Survey or Full Structural Survey and is the more comprehensive of the two options. It is generally recommended for various categories of dwellings, such as older properties, those which are of a larger type, properties in poor condition, substantially altered or extended or of non-traditional construction. It provides a detailed report on the property’s construction and condition. It goes into greater detail than the RICS Home Buyer Survey and can be adapted to suit your requirements. It reports on a whole wide range of issues, not only those considered to be urgent or significant.

Both surveys are based on a visual, non invasive inspection and the Surveyor will not for example lift fixed floor boards or fixed floor coverings, nor will he dismantle anything (such as the boiler, fixed panels, switches and sockets etc). As regards services, these are also inspected visually and tests are not undertaken by the Surveyor. Properties are inspected using a 3 metre ladder and binoculars.

The most suitable type of survey will depend on the type, age, size and condition of the property you are purchasing. Our recommended Surveyor will discuss the options with you and advise whether this would be the RICS Home Buyer Survey  or the Building Survey.

Please use our Contact Form if you would like our recommended Surveyor to contact you to discuss the survey types in greater detail, and to provide a quote.